Inventon tracking system will be updated soon with the latest release .

Inventon Tracking System Link

New features include Get ready:

– Added object position sharing using URL
– Added share position to object action menu
– Added object position sharing template to CPanel
– Added new accuracy setting which allows to choose route length calculation source – GPS coordinates or odometer sensor
– Added Webhook daily counter to My account
– Updates some language translations
– Fixed window scroll move to top during graph zoom or pan in graph reports, still it can flicker for millisecond in some web browser
– Fixed PNG Favicon in HTML reports
– Some fixes in PayPal payment gateway
– Updated Danish language translation
– Webhook delivery service optimization, now it can handle 15 times more calls
– Added webhook usage statistics
– Added user webhook daily limit settings in CPanel
– Added KML layer file import into account, that allows to visualize various custom information on maps
– Added Zone in/out combined with General Information report
– URL addresses can be entered in object custom fields
– URL addresses can be entered in marker description
– Fixed e-mail and SMS usage counter if more than one e-mail or SMS notification is sent per one event
– Added filtration to avoid some incorrect lat/lng jumps for lower quality GPS devices
– Server API can be secured by IP addresses to which it will respond with results
– Updated to latest Leaflet Map library 1.6 version
– Added Travel sheet (day/night) report
– Added search to settings objects, groups, drivers, passengers, trailers, events, templates, sub accounts lists
– Added search to places groups list
– Added search to user edit object and subaccount lists
– Added dashboard open after login option
– Various minor fixes in CPanel


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