Hello Inventon Groopies !

Tracking link.

Update for the tracking system is on its way deployment date 8/9-06-2020

Update include !

Web application

– Added Camera component, which shows last image captured by GPS device camera in real time tracking
– Added virtual ACC parameter depending on voltage support, that allows to set ignition sensor from voltage parameters
– Added send via SMS to share position tool
– Added mobile version URL to share position tool
– Device parameters now ordered in ascending order
– Fixed logo issue in PDF reports which occurred in some cases
– Improvements in Drives and stops with logic sensors report
– It was not possible to login into account if no map layers are enabled in CPanel, now account will open fine without maps
– Language editor fixes in CPanel
– Language translation improvements
– Added object position sharing using URL
– Added share position to object action menu
– Added object position sharing template to CPanel
– Added new accuracy setting which allows to choose route length calculation source – GPS coordinates or odometer sensor
– Added Webhook daily counter to My account
– Updates some language translations
– Fixed window scroll move to top during graph zoom or pan in graph reports, still it can flicker for millisecond in some web browser
– Fixed PNG Favicon in HTML reports
– Some fixes in PayPal payment gateway
– Updated Danish language translation
– Webhook delivery service optimization, now it can handle 15 times more calls
– Added webhook usage statistics
– Added user webhook daily limit settings in CPanel
– Added KML layer file import into account, that allows to visualize various custom information on maps
– Added Zone in/out combined with General Information report
– URL addresses can be entered in object custom fields
– URL addresses can be entered in marker description
– Fixed e-mail and SMS usage counter if more than one e-mail or SMS notification is sent per one event
– Added filtration to avoid some incorrect lat/lng jumps for lower quality GPS devices
– Server API can be secured by IP addresses to which it will respond with results
– Updated to latest Leaflet Map library 1.6 version
– Added Travel sheet (day/night) report
– Added search to settings objects, groups, drivers, passengers, trailers, events, templates, sub accounts lists
– Added search to places groups list
– Added search to user edit object and subaccount lists
– Added dashboard open after login option
– Various minor fixes in CPanel


– Added Concox GT06E DLT protocol (certificated for Thailand Market)
– Added Concox JM01 protocol
– Updated Gosafe G1C protocol (now supports up to 3 fuel sensors)
– Updated Jointech JT701 protocol (fixed device status parsing)
– Updated Benway protocol (fixed response to heartbeat message)
– Updated Queclink GV500MAP protocol (fixed INF message parsing)
– Added Huabao protocol
– Added Queclink GL300M protocol
– Added Queclink GL500M protocol
– Added Queclink GV350M protocol
– Added Queclink GV500MA protocol
– Added Queclink GV500MAP protocol
– Added Queclink GV600MG protocol
– Added Unknown TL601 protocol
– Changes in Teltonika protocol, now it supports multiple BLE sensors and iButton ID is reversed, in order not to cause incompatibility, we assigned new port for Teltonika FM devices which is 11922, old port 11919 is working as previously
– Updated EELINK protocol (fixed heartbeat response issue and negative altitude value)
– Updated Topin protocol (fixed GPS signal issue)
– Updated Queklink GV56 protocol (fixed temperature sensor parameter detection)
– Updated Concox GT06 protocol (added fuel level sensor support)
– Updated Concox GT300 protocol (added fuel level sensor support)
– Updated Concox GT710 protocol (added fuel level sensor support)
– Updated Concox GT800 protocol (added fuel level sensor support)
– Some improvements to data processing while uploaded from internal memory
– Added crash event support for Teltonika devices
– Changes in Teltonika BLE beacon parameters, now suitable for driver identification
– Updated Fifotrack protocol with support for new A02 message
– Updated Oner protocol (solved issue with analog inputs)
– Updated Gosafe G7F protocol (acc and events status fixes)
– Updated Gosage G1C (fixed some identifiers)
– Updated Falcom STEPPIII protocol
– Added AIS140 protocol – is a set of standards introduced by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) designed to build an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) specifically tailored to develop better control over transport infrastructure in India
– Added Jointech JT600 protocol
– Added Digi WR44 protocol
– Updated LKGPS protocol with new login and heartbeat messages
– Updated Cantrack protocol with new login and heartbeat messages
– Updated Queclink GV300W protocol
– Updated Queclink GV56 protocol
– Updated Suntech Universal protocol
– Fixes in ATrack protocol
– Fixes in Topflytech protocol

Mobile web application

– Added KML layer file import into account, that allows to visualize various custom information on maps
– Fixed location permission in Google Maps for mobile device location on map
– Fixed some GUI issues which caused to appear history play panel while clicking on event


– API documentation was splited into two separate files: Server API and User API
– Added USER_SET_ACTIVITY command to Server API
– Added GET_USERS_OBJECTS command to get all user accounts with objects together


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