Hey Inventon Groopies !!

We created a smart business solution where you can go paperless and get your brand out there !!

Inventon has implemented smart technology into your work uniforms enabling you to be identified without the use of business cards !

Never carry business cards ever again OR receive a business card from someone else !

This system will always be on you and will never fail (waterproof/washable and battery-less system)

Just let the client tag their smart phone on the tag that is embedded into your uniform and they will receive your entire business card details. It can be saved to their smart phones with only one click !!! You will never lose your business card or someone else’s card ever again !

Efficient , powerful and next generation technology brought to you buy INVENTON.

This system exist out of hardware and software

Inventon and Inventon I.O.T at your finger tips !


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