Hello Inventon Goopies !!

The stock has arrived !

This batch contains 2 very unique tracking devices …
One so small it can almost fit into anything .
and the other one so invisible inside a car , it will never be spotted !


The micro tracking solution is very powerful , locking in a location on a cold start in under 7 sec INDOORS !
providing you with the ability to track Laptops , TV’s , play station ‘s and much more the device is powered by 5v DC and can be paired up with the battery that meets your needs (from 120 mah till 20k mah) . The device is packed with features as well like a sos button and call in function (spy listening )

The micro tracking solution is a bare bone chip that can be order with a casing that can only support a 250 mah battery if need be.


The Next solution is the Relay tracking device, the device so invisible inside a vehicle . The device is has a strong GPS chip set that provides a accurate location and quick as well , the device has the ability to cut the engine and safe guard the vehicle till it can be recovered

The device is provided with a loom that contains a inline fuse to make installation simple , and if you would like to install the relay into a existing open spot on the relay box of the vehicle …. you can , with a 4 / 5 pin standard relay spot this device can be fitted like the OEM has placed it there …. Makes you think about the possibility !


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