Everyone has heard about the IOT networks and industry but a few has actually investigated and explored the endless possibility’s of the IOT / Tracking industry. We are going to revolutionize the market with Security , Medical and assistance response.

We are in close development with a few of the major brands in the Medical , Rapid Response (Security , Medial and SVR) industries to create the next level of equipment and software with the right infrastructure to manage and supply the market NATIONALLY and INTERNATIONALLY.

Rapid growth has enabled the INVENTON vision to change the market to not what you can supply but what we can create or supply to you … gone is the days where clients askes what solution do you have … we ask you what do you need.

Each client deserves the best solution and we here at INVENTON will enable thousands of clients of reaching their goal for 2021 not because we are the ultimate solutions architect but we are delivering the best known solutions to each and everyone making the market stronger in the race for the next level of technology , We are INVENTON … We are the Solution.



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